Wednesday, March 11, 2009

melon head

So I'm blogging at work. Is that wrong? I mean, there aren't any kids here yet and it's not like I'm actually supposed to be teaching a class or anything ("ok kids... do some plies or something while Miss Greer writes a Weblink Wednesday entry"). AND I even checked the messages and the work email. So really, what else should I be doing? Our office manager isn't even here yet.

Have I rationalized/defended myself/bored you enough yet?

Anyway, all of that was just to say that this will be brief, but I do have two links to share today. The first is a blog that I recently started following that shares stories about crazy things that happen in the school system. It was on the list of "Best Blogs" (for 2008, I think) that the Times or some other important literary work put out recently. My latest favorite tidbit was about some faculty that put together a "Fight Club" for special needs students. And then took cell phone videos of it. Brillance, folks. Just plain brilliance.

The other one I just happen to stumble upon and I thought it was pretty awesome. Check out these melons (don't worry, it's G-rated...)!

Oh, and by the by, my laptop has been returned to my loving arms (lap?) at last. Once I get all of my stuff loaded back onto it, I should be back in the swing of things for real. Here's hoping.


Greg said...

Greer, just wanted to let you know that when I tried to follow your "melon" link I got a malware/danger message from Google Chrome browser that advised me not to go there (which I did not) I escaped back to safety. Just thought I'd tell you, since you have recently had computer issues. See ya!

GreerAnn said...

That's odd... it opens up just fine on my computer. I got it off of another blog that I have in my google reader. Eh well. It was just some cool carving competition where they had made all of these crazy sculptures out of watermelons.