Sunday, November 30, 2008

ho ho ho

Don't they look full of the holiday spirit? I think they got pissed that I made them sit and stay for so long with no perceived reward.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

phobia implies irrationality

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not alone in the world. There are others like me. They move about in the world pretending to be able to do what others do so well and so easily, but they know deep in their souls that if they try (or even think about trying) they will be seized with a fear that roots them to the ground. I have been made to believe for most of my life that I was strange and unique in my fears, but now I know better.

These people can not order pizza. Or at least would rather not. They don't always answer their cell phones even if it's right beside them and they have thought many times about calling the person whose name is showing up on the caller ID at that very moment. They have a difficult time making appointments or RSVPing to parties. They are grateful to people who like email and facebook. Yes, phone phobics. I didn't say it made sense, I didn't claim that it was a good and normal thing to avoid in life, and yes I take steps to overcome my silly little phobia now that I am an adult. But please educate yourselves and read this. And then read all of the comments following. And know, like I know now, that I am not alone.

Monday, November 24, 2008

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

The holidays have snuck up on me this year even more than they usually do (but I probably say that every year, so who knows... maybe it's just the same). Part of it may have been this crazy Georgia weather and the fact that it is just now starting to get consistently cold and it's the week of Thanksgiving. But regardless of why it is, I feel very unprepared for the holidays that are literally just around the corner. Fortunately for me, my family still takes care of the preparation for Thanksgiving- all I have to do is show up and eat and be thankful. And then decide if I want to brave the madness on Black Friday... (should I do it? is it worth the fear?). But Christmas...

Now, Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. I love seeing all of my family, I love giving gifts about as much as receiving them, I even love the ridiculous commercialism of this time of year. So in a sense I am ready for it because I have been wanting to put up my tree for weeks already (someone in my apartment complex already has theirs up, so I don't feel so ridiculous now for planning on putting it up this weekend). But I have no idea what I am getting anyone for Christmas this year. Usually by now I have a working list and a couple of brilliant ideas for at least a few people... but no. This year I am stumped on just about everyone. Fortunately Joe and I got a tip from his sister that Best Buy got a shipment of Wiis yesterday and we managed to snag one, so that is our gift to each other. But of course I will still feel like I need to have something to give him on Christmas morning (although we learned last year that that feeling of obligation is in no way mutual...). And then there's Mom and Dad and sisters and pets and uncles and aunts... oh my. I guess I will be going shopping on Friday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

best invention EVER

One of the members of my flyball team sent out an email with this video. I have decided that I will contact the inventor and commission 3 of them for myself. One for my home, one for my parents' home, and one to be installed at the dog park. Sorry, Chuckit! inventor, but this one-ups you. Also, I will work with said inventor to market this lovely little contraption... for a certain percentage of the profits of course.

Monday, November 3, 2008

quick question

Why do dogs seem to think it's a fabulous idea to rub themselves all over dead things? And/or carry them around in their mouths? Gross.

PS- I voted! And I didn't have to wait in line at all! I think the entire process took all of... maybe 15 minutes? Lucky me.

um... well...

I've been waiting for some kind of inspiration so that I would actually have something interesting to blog about, but it's taking too long. I figured that this is how I always end up dropping the ball... I rationalize my way out of writing something for weeks and then I just kind of forget to ever go back to it. So, boring blog entry it is.

Let's see... this weekend. Halloween was Friday. I realized that it is just not a fun holiday when you're no longer under the age of 15. Up til then you can get away with trick-or-treating. But no more. And I know a lot of people still like the costume partying and the excuse to drink more than usual, but I just don't get into that. Plus, we went to one of Joe's friends "birth-o-ween" party a few weeks ago, so I got the costume wearing thing done early. Although I did wear it to my ballet classes on Thursday, which was fun. Although a handful of my kids didn't know who Waldo was. Sadness. But most of them knew at least once I gave them the name. My senior apprentice class (probably my favorites, but don't tell anyone) got in on the dressing up fun... can you find Waldo?

Saturday was the Ga-Fl game. And as my friend Stephen has said, we're just not going to talk about it. Suffice it to say, it was embarrassing. And not fun to watch.

Sunday we went back to the church we went to last week. I think we're going to make this our "home church", which was important for me to find now that we've basically decided to stay put for a few more years. Most of the congregation is young families (the number of kids in a service is insane... and there has been a baptism every time we've gone!), plus Joe's cousins are members.

This week, very important stuff going down. Make sure to GET OUT THE VOTE!!! I'm totally psyched about Tuesday. We're going to go to some MBA friends' home and watch election coverage until we're pulling our hair out. Love it.