Saturday, November 29, 2008

phobia implies irrationality

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not alone in the world. There are others like me. They move about in the world pretending to be able to do what others do so well and so easily, but they know deep in their souls that if they try (or even think about trying) they will be seized with a fear that roots them to the ground. I have been made to believe for most of my life that I was strange and unique in my fears, but now I know better.

These people can not order pizza. Or at least would rather not. They don't always answer their cell phones even if it's right beside them and they have thought many times about calling the person whose name is showing up on the caller ID at that very moment. They have a difficult time making appointments or RSVPing to parties. They are grateful to people who like email and facebook. Yes, phone phobics. I didn't say it made sense, I didn't claim that it was a good and normal thing to avoid in life, and yes I take steps to overcome my silly little phobia now that I am an adult. But please educate yourselves and read this. And then read all of the comments following. And know, like I know now, that I am not alone.

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