Wednesday, May 13, 2009

may day! may day!

I have officially survived recital and am now somewhat unemployed for the next few months. (I say somewhat because there is a possibility of private lessons, summer camp assistance, and a workshop in July... however, even with all of those things my working life will be much slimmer until August or September... at which point I will be, by the way, rotund.) But May seems to be on a mission to make itself truly intimidating, calendar-wise. Already we are out of town every single weekend until the second week of June. Want to hear about all of our plans? Of course you do.

1. This weekend: Sanjeet in Atlanta celebrating the engagement of one of Joe's college friends (their family is Indian and so are having a traditional party of food and music celebrating her sister's wedding... her sister ever-so-kindly offered to make it an engagement party as well since their family from Indian will all be here... fun cultural experience here we come!). Davidson's Fine Arts Festival on Saturday. Fabric shopping and sorting/packing/cleaning/purging/freaking out about moving with Mom on Sunday.
2. Next weekend: Margaret's wedding at Fripp!
3. The following week/weekend: New keys to 2 bedroom apartment on Tuesday, Tricia's graduation on Wednesday, Marcus and Mackenzie's wedding somewhere in south Georgia (St. Mary's?) on Saturday, finishing our move on Sunday.
4. And then... o/b appointment Tuesday and leaving for NYC with the siblings Wednesday.

Does pregnancy increase risks of severe freak-out due to over-scheduling life?

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