Tuesday, June 9, 2009

if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere

Taxi from the airport: $25 and the moments of pure terror that you are about to die in a tragic car accident.

Hostel: $100 a night, the few hours of sleep you lose due to loud Hispanic conversation in the lobby and insistent, OCD, daily morning vacuuming.

Walking over 20 blocks, sometimes in the wrong direction: Free, unless you consider blisters and achy feet a "cost".

Admission to the Natural History Museum: $11 when you buy at the kiosk and say you're a student (cut me some slack... I'm poor).

Meteor hitting the earth: Lots of cool dinosaur bones, but no real dinos. Some things really come with a cost, folks. Like... extinction.

Hot dog at a street vendor outside the museum: $2 for a small, $3 for a jumbo.

Water bottle what will eventually cause the death of a camera: $2, but a lot more than that if you factor in the camera part.

Five of the most beautiful cupcakes ever from Magnolia Bakery: $12.50

Eating those cupcakes: Knowing that you will never again eat a cupcake without remembering how much better these really are than any other cupcake in the world. Sigh. I mean, really. Look how pretty they are.

Tickets at TKTS for a hysterical off-Broadway show recommended by a gay man: $120

Metrocard: $20

Umbrella from a street vendor that only closes when it feels like it... but that you are tremendously thankful for nonetheless: $5 (unless you're Chelsea... and then it becomes $3)

Fake Coach purse from a sketchy Chinese guy's van on Canal Street: $35

Fake Dior sunglasses: $5

Jellyfish appetizer at a Chinese food restaurant: $8

Entrance to MOMA to see paintings covered in bird poop and then discuss what really does make something "art": Free on Fridays!

Sharing a city I love with sisters that I love even more: Definitely priceless.

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