Wednesday, July 29, 2009

baby steps

Thanks to the quick delivery of Million Dollar Baby brand furniture from Rattles and Rhymes, and to the help of Stephen (without whom said furniture would still be sitting in the loading area of said store) and his trusty truck, we now have a crib and combo dresser in what was before being used as a very large storage closet. And a lot of cardboard remains in the living room...

While Joe may not get as emotional about these milestones as I do (his new favorite phrase is "I'm excited about the BABY, not the baby's STUFF"), he was definitely a champion about assembling setting up the furniture. (Although we did hit a bit of a wall when he wanted to know why the dresser couldn't go on the same wall as the crib to make it easier to get from one to the other ("I might drop it en route or something")... (shudder + eye roll)... in a tiny room. The man just does not understand aesthetics.)

PS- For your Weblink Wednesday, I will share with you a community resource I stumbled across the other night and am very excited about... Unless you're pregnant and in Athens, it is not of much use to you, but hey, this is my blog. So there.


Patti Ann said...

Holy friggin're really going to put a baby in that crib!

Anonymous said...

What a milestone! Thus is just the first mechanical contraption of many to come. Look forward to the bicycles, the swing sets (there will be at least two or three of those in multiple yards, some anchored by concrete), and the bunk beds at home and later in the freshman dorm at college. My advice now? Get a really neat toolbox that's easily portable. You're gonna need it! Congratulations!