Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weblink wednesday! (no really)

OK, so... I really did write this yesterday (on a Wednesday). I was so proud of myself for A) knowing what day it was and B) writing a blog entry that corresponded with that day... and then Blogger decided to have some kind of hissy fit. I couldn't post or comment on anything for the rest of the day. Which means it is now Thursday. But Weblink Thursday just doesn't have the same ring to it so... Basically what I'm saying is THIS IS ALL BLOGGER'S FAULT.

Anyway... here's your Triple Threat edition of Weblink Wednesday.

1. I really really like the JayZ/Alicia Keys collaboration "Empire State of Mind". It's got that kind of beat that makes you feel like you MUST bob your head. Or rock from side to side. Something vaguely "gangsta", if you will. So anyway, I thought this video was one of the best parody/remakes I've ever seen on youtube- it's funny, well written and recorded, and mimics the original song almost perfectly. And it's about my home state!

2. Stephen, provider of oh-so-many of my links to the amazing and ridiculous wonders of the web, shared this with me. AWWWWWW babies making silly faces... I'll post it on Laine's behalf. :)

3. When I got pregnant, I had this vision in my mind of getting some kind of charm necklace with names or initials of each of my kids as I had them. I hadn't been able to find anything that wasn't too cutesy or cheesy until I found this website for The Vintage Pearl through another blog I follow. Now I just have to decide... round or square? And maybe a baby spoon? ...

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