Monday, March 1, 2010

our closing (an illustrated telling)

We arrived at the bank at 8:22am and pulled into a parking space directly in line with the drive through window, watching the little red light and waiting anxiously for it to turn green. Ke$ha's (ridiculous) (and awesome) song "Tik Tok" came on and I asked Joe if he had woken up that morning feeling at all like PDiddy. I don't think he had.

After depositing the check from sister-in-law, we requested our cashier's check, only to have the little bank man inform us that cashier's checks could only be given in the lobby... which opened at 9am. Which just so happened to also be the time of our closing.

So we waited in the parking lot.

And got some Jittery Joe's coffee from across the street. (And took a very bad picture of ourselves. 'Cause I like to document things and Joe thinks I'm odd.)

Finally 9am rolled around and Joe sprinted to the door as soon as they unlocked it. I watched the numbers on my cell phone clock change and felt the car getting colder as I waited...

And waited...

Until finally Joe sprinted back out of the bank and into the car... along with the cashier's check!

The very large cashier's check. (THOUSANDS)

Fortunately we were not far from the lawyer's office and made it there only about 15 minutes after 9. Everyone graciously told us we weren't too late, it was fine, they hadn't been waiting long (in other words, they lied).

And then suddenly... we were done. We had signed every piece of paper in Athens and then signed a copy of every piece of paper in Athens and then... we owned a house. The previous owners passed us keys and a garage door opener and we were done.

Did I mention the previous home owners were super nice folks? They left us this lovely gift at the house...

On our FIREPLACE. Yeah, we have one. We also have a yard. With a deck.

Y'all... we own a HOUSE.

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Emily said...

I am so excited about all the deck parties we will have this spring/summer!!!!