Monday, January 10, 2011

s[no]w way!

How will I ever convince my 14 month old daughter (who experienced the THIRD SNOW of her little life today) that snow in the south is actually a rare event? I feel it's not convincing when we're blanketed with almost 8 inches of the fluffy (icy) stuff in one day.

Oh and really... how stinkin' adorable is she?


Marie, Michael, Libby and Commissioner Gordon said...

I'm wondering the same thing about teaching my Libby! Just wrote a blog post about it (that I'm waiting to actually post for a day or so.) But c'mon. It snowed the day she was born!

LivKit said...

Aww too cute!

Carla said...

Greer- this is Ben's mom. Your daughter is absolutely precious!

Raechel said...

okay, maybe it's kind of creepy of me to be commenting on a post from January, but I just wandered over here tonight and enjoyed reading through a bit of your blog and couldn't help but stop and say, "Oh my word, she is SUCH a cutie!!!!"

That's all :) Have a lovely night!