Monday, February 7, 2011

(another) letter to my firstborn

Dear Laine,

As you grow up, you will develop a long and ever-growing list of words to identify yourself. Some will be adjectives, but some of the most important will be nouns. For now, besides being funny and smart and stubborn, you are a daughter, granddaughter, toddler, and our firstborn. You added mother to my list a few years after your father added wife, on top of pre-existing words that I share with you: daughter, granddaughter, and, of course, firstborn. Because not only was I always a sister (at least for as long as I can remember), I was an older sister. An oldest. A first.

Darling daughter, in a matter of months you are going to add a very important noun to your list. One of the most important words you will ever define yourself with until you get married and have children of your own.

You, my baby girl, my first child, my daughter, are going to be a sister.

I can't wait to see you in this new role in your life and watch the things that you will share with your little baby brother or sister. While I am certainly anxious about having a baby less than two years younger than you, seeing what an amazing little girl you have become and are becoming every day eases my mind. Knowing how easy it has been to love you and to be your mother assures me that I will only find more love and more joy in mothering you and your sibling.

I know there will be difficult moments for the both of us. There will be disruption to our routine, exhaustion, jealousy, frustration, and confusion. But there will also be so much joy, my girl, and in no small part thanks to you and the light you constantly bring to everyone around you.

And even though you are adding this new special word to your life- sister- you are still and will always be my daughter. My oldest.

My first.

I love you,

Baby C #2, due 9/6/2011


ShellyKate said...

Congrats, Greer and Joe! :) So excited for you! Less than 2 years apart? Pshaw, you can do it! ;)

Margot said...

I know Laine is going to be an amazing big sister! Congratulations again, Greer and Joe! Yay!

p-lee said...
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p-lee said...

Wow! So excited for you guys! I loved being 2 years and 18 days older than my little sister. I'm sure Laine will love being 1 year and 10 months older too!

Marie, Michael, Libby and Commissioner Gordon said...

Wow! Congrats, Greer! BIG news!

Amelia said...

I was also an oldest daughter and my oldest is a daughter. :) Congratulations on the new baby! My youngest two are 18 months apart & it has been much better than I imagined it would be...most days!