Monday, August 1, 2011

a letter to my son

Dear Baby Boy,

I love feeling you squirm and kick and roll and punch, watching my body morph as you grow. I love pulling out all of the little tiny onesies and hats and sleepers and sorting them into piles, figuring out what might fit you... wondering just how big you might be when you make your debut. I love seeing Laine start to understand about you, hugging and petting and talking to my belly, welcoming her little brother before she even sets eyes on you (oh, and she HAS tested some of your toys for you... hope that's ok). I love knowing where you are at all times, safe and sound and warm and happy and QUIET.

But, darling son, now that it's August? You can come out whenever you're ready.

I love you already, so very much.


PS - You have a very sweet face, little one.


Anonymous said...


Just reading the title of this one gave me goosebumps. You're going to be a mother-again. I'm going to be a grandfather-again. Those two things alone are pretty freakin' awesome.
But to know that we're welcoming a grandson...
That is just so awesome that words fail me.
I love ALL of you, and I especially look forward to this little guy.


six women with good shoes said...

It brings me right back. Such a wonderous time of life and still, after 50 years, I see the whole thing as an amazing miracle...that a whole human being could be inside my body and come out and look me in the eyes. You are such a great mom. That little boy landed in the right tummy. :)