Monday, April 30, 2012

i'll be back

I promise I will return to blogging eventually... one of these days.  It is something that I so enjoy doing and yet I find that it consistently slips to the bottom of my priority list.  A list that is mighty lengthy these days, hence the long absence.  I HAVE managed to keep up with the rest of my new years goals this year though and have missed only a handful of days posting on my tumblr photo-a-day page.  I have also been writing in my question-a-day journal every night before bed, have stuck to a consistent workout and diet plan and lost a little over 30 pounds (I've been wanting to blog about that whole "journey" for a while now... it will probably be my next "real" entry), I ran a 5K and am registered for another one next weekend, I'm doing another musical with Town and Gown Players... my plate is full and my life is fuller.

Yep, fuller.

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