Thursday, May 7, 2015

Eloise - ONE (and then some...)

Dear Eloise,

First of all, my bad.  You are nearly 16 months old and this is your first letter.  I guess some of that "poor third baby" stuff is true.  Thanks to the miraculous technology of our modern society your babydom is well documented with photos and video, but you have had a very wonky nap schedule and lack of letter writing. But, anyway... here we are.

You finally started walking this week.  You had taken steps here and there and loved to push around Lawton's Batmobile or any other large riding toy, but you stubbornly refused to walk when there was the option to crawl. I was never worried about you, though.  If you had been my first baby I might have been, but that is one of the perks of being a "poor third baby"; mommy is much less anxious about those pesky milestones. But still I have been relieved and overjoyed to see your little wobbly, zombie-like, teetering steps across the room and proud of the times you have stumbled and then gotten right back up.

I can't really put into words how you have changed our family but without a doubt it has been for the better.  You have been a true dreamboat of a baby since day one.  You were sweet and easy and quiet as a newborn, the perfect little sibling, always willing to go with the flow without putting up much of a fuss.  You loved the attention of your siblings and the dogs and loved being held by any and everyone. My friends joked that they would forget I had even had you since you were so content to just watch the action when we all got together. Of course that is no longer the case as you are devloping quite the feisty little personality and are learning how to make your presence known.  You are stubborn and determined and as quick to anger as you are to giggle. I can see a little bit of Lawton in you when you get frustrated with something and screech.  I can see Laine when you climb up into the rocking chair and flip through a book with the utmost focus. But mostly you are your own little special force to be reckoned with, which is never more clear than when you flash your little toothy grin at us (usually looking back as you go for the stairs yet again).  We are delighted by you daily.

I've said this before when your brother was small but I am still amazed by it- having you increased my capacity to love unconditionally.  All three of you are so different and interesting and special and watching you learn about and react to the world is truly inspiring.  Seeing you start to show us your own sweet, silly, spunky personality is fascinating and exciting and really just the joy of my life. I have a feeling you are going to keep me on my toes and continue to surprise me and do things on your own time.  You are going to push back against your brother and be competitive with your sister.  You're going to try things that don't work and get frustrated.  You're going to want to do things you are not quite big enough to do yet.  But I hope you will carry something with you from this early part of your life: know that I am always right behind you with my hand out (and probably an iPhone in the other hand taking a picture), watching with pride every time you stumble and then get back up.

I love you, Weezy!

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