Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what day is it?

Oh yes, that's right... it's WEBLINK WEDNESDAY!!!


Let me introduce the link-o'-the-day by telling you a little bit about my dear friend Christin. I first met Christin when I was at an age where you don't really remember meeting people. So really, it seems like I have never NOT known her. We went to elementary school together, danced (and danced and danced) together, shared friends and drama and strife and woe together in middle/high school, suffered losses together, she was in my wedding... you get the idea. I've known this girl a while. And so it is funny to me when I was thinking about describing her in this blog entry that I find it a rather difficult thing to do. I think that is in part because there is SO MUCH Christin. Those of you who know her will know what I mean by that, and those of you that don't know her probably know someone else who fits that description. She is just always going and doing and thinking and creating and wondering and challenging and protesting and discovering... it's wonderful. And a bit exhausting for her, I'm sure. So basically she's just a wonderful fireball creative force to be reckoned with. Who happens to be half Puerto Rican... and a fair skinned redhead. (See what I mean? SO MUCH Christin.)

So this fireball friend of mine recently started a blog. And you know how I love me some blogs. But this is not your typical "here is what I did today and how I feel about it" kind of blog, which are the kind I tend to gravitate to. No, this is a blog started by Christin. And therefore it must be... unique. So her blog is filled with things that might make a person "mad". But not the kind of mad you're thinking of. More in a "this is so ridiculous I can't even stand it and now I am MAD about it" way. It makes sense in a way that things that Christin comes up with make sense... you gotta see it.


Patti Ann said...

You are so right...there is SO MUCH Christin. When do we get to see her again?

Patti Ann said...

Can't wait to read her blogs...just add it to the reading list.