Tuesday, January 13, 2009

being of sound mind and body

Things I feel that I must/would like to/wish I could share with the world:

My husband's amazing ability to be comfortable with himself in any situation. (Refer to video of him at Agatha's, linked in previous entry. Yeah, no shyness there, folks.)

My passion for and talent in the performing arts. I figure God blessed me with them for a reason and they're not exactly the kind of talents that are just as fun alone. I envy visual artists their privacy and portability, but I love an audience and a "classful" of kids.

The knowledge that dogs are awesome. And better than cats. It's just true.

Two happily married and supportive parents that you actually enjoy spending time with and don't cringe when people say "you are so much like your mother/father" (shout out to my Dad, who is currently my only subscriber... thanks, Dad).

This video.
(Note that this would probably be linked to something different every week or so, but there would always be a link to something ridiculous on youtube that needed to be shared with the world.)

A love for reading. I feel that it makes me a better, more intelligent, more well-rounded person. Even if lately my reading list has included lots of blogs (we'll call it research) and Twilight. Don't judge. It's good. It is. Stop looking at me like that.

The honesty and unquestioning love of my three year old students, the gravity and intelligence of my preteen students, and the passion and drive of my teenagers.

Candy corn pumpkins NOT ONLY IN OCTOBER. I mean really. Why do they take them away?

Fascinating friends. Although I hate that some of them are so far away, I get such a rush of pride and joy in sharing what they are learning, experiencing and seeing of the world.

Innate standardized test-taking ability. Now, I am a pretty intelligent human being in general, but I will be the first to admit that the fact that standardized tests were always easy for me helped me get through high school and into college relatively unscathed. I wish I had a secret I could divulge on the difference between my methods for taking the SATs or something like that, but I think it's basically just luck.

Balance. If my Mom has taught me anything (and she has), it is that balance in the key to a happy, successful, fulfilling, and somewhat peaceful life.

My Flip video camera. It. Is. Awesome. And completely idiot-proof. Which makes it even more awesome.

Something to be nostalgic for. While I am so happy to be where I am in my life, I know that there is so much that I have to look back on with tremendous fondness and gratitude.

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Anonymous said...

You know, you are turning into a pretty darn good human being. I take no responsibility for that fact, having long since learned to credit your mother (the balanced one of the two of us) with all the successes in our family life. I look forward to following the blogging escapades of actors and dogs and dance teachers into the new year!