Sunday, January 11, 2009


Some new videos up on my youtube channel... one of them is of Joe, taken last night during our Atlanta excursion to Agatha's Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. They give you a new identity when you come in and some people are fortunate enough to get a speaking part. Apparently they scope out the table and see who they think would get the most audience reaction (or if it's someone's birthday or anniversary of what-have-you then usually they will get a bigger role). I guess they could tell what a ham Joe is... anyway, the video is hysterical. And the others are of Wonder Dog doing her thing (flyball, of course). Some of you (namely you) were requesting flyball footage, so there ya go and there ya have it.


Whirl said...

PERFECT! Libby loo, I choose you!

Anonymous said...

I thought the video of Joe and the "pas de deux" comment were priceless. Looked like a lot of fun.