Wednesday, January 21, 2009


WebLink Wednesday!!! Since between myself and Stephen I always seem to have websites, blogs, youtube videos, and other interesting internet tidbits to giggle at/ponder I thought that I would set aside a blog entry a week to ruminate on one of my latest finds. Given the historical significance of yesterday's events, I thought it would be fitting link to this amazing photo taken FROM SPACE of the inauguration (taken by the satellite that Google uses for Google Maps). The things that resemble coffee grounds scattered around the Monument and across the Mall are all of the MILLIONS of people who not only recognized the historical nature of yesterday's inauguration but were willing to brave throngs and hordes of people in the frigid weather just to be a small (coffee ground sized) part of it. (They all looked so cold on TV...) I don't even know if some of them could see or hear anything that was going on (I mean, I've been to DC and the Washington Monument is a long way from the Lincoln Memorial... maybe they had a kick-@$$ sound system...) but they were there anyway. I watched most of the news coverage and was excited and moved to be witnessing such an amazing moment in our nation's history... and it was TIVOed on FOX NEWS! I can't imagine the rush of being there. Even if Obama did kind of stumble through his oath. But anyway, congratulations to our 44th president Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden!

PS- Getting excited to welcome Sara Keelin into the world on Friday! I will post pictures and videos!

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