Friday, February 20, 2009

<3 (it's a sideways heart)

Joe and I have never really been big on celebrating Valentine's Day. He gets away with this mostly because his birthday is the day before, so we can kind of smoosh the two together and he can finagle his way out of the expectations most husbands have to deal with on that lovely Hallmark Holiday. However, he knows that he is still expected to recognize that it is indeed a holiday on which women are supposed to be showered with chocolate and affection. This Valentine's Day I had to be up early to run some rehearsals at the studio, so I left him snoring soundly in bed an tiptoed out of the house. A few hours later, I called to let him know I was coming home.

I'm leaving the studio. What are you doing?
Oh... uh... I'm at Kroger.
Kroger? Why?
Well... I had to get you something right? Oh, and your Dad sent you flowers. I was really confused at first, so I looked at the card.
Oh... thanks. No surprises for me today, huh?
Oh yeah. Sorry. I'll meet you at home.

Fast forward about twenty minutes, when I pass by Joe walking home from Kroger with a grocery bag and single red rose (not in a vase or wrapped, mind you... just the little naked rose by itself). Of course I beat him home, so I called my dad to thank him for the flowers (which were really gorgeous tulips... but they came in a box, which made me laugh because it reminded me of this superbowl commercial). Joe came in, handed me the rose (I'm still on the phone, mind you), reached into the bag and handed me a box of Milk Duds. Then reached into the bag and handed me... wait for it.... ANOTHER box of Milk Duds. And that was all.

Now, my husband has never been what you might call a "romantic" man. But I was stumped (and amused) trying to figure out the rationale for this little set of gifts. I could picture him in Kroger, surrounded by sleepy, hungover frat guys fighting over the last bouquets of roses before some poor schmuck had to resort to carnations, looking around thinking to himself...

Ok... Valentine's Day. Chocolate. Greer likes chocolate. What does she always get at movies? Milk Duds. Yeah... ok I'll get her some Milk Duds. (tosses them into a basket) Hm... that looks kinda puny in there by itself. Ok, maybe TWO boxes of Milk Duds. (adds another box) Yeah. Yeah, that looks better. But then she'll probably say that it's not a very romantic gift. So something romantic... flowers. Chocolate and flowers are romantic, right? (looks at price tag on bouqet of roses) Geez... ok maybe just ONE flower. (looks at vases with single roses in them) I think we have vases at home. I'll just get the flower. Red, for hearts and stuff. Perfect. This is totally right on. I am so awesome at Valentine's Day.

I love my husband. And those Milk Duds were actually really good.


Whirl said...

Greer you're hilarious. Way more hilariouser than me.

Justin Wallace said...

That is a wonderful story| I'm glad you got your flower and chocolate. Well done Joe!