Friday, February 13, 2009

argh and harumph

Two little tidbits for you today.

First of all, I was considering changing the background colors and template for my blog (I've been on a change kick lately... weird... Obama must be rubbing off on me...). So I went into settings and clicked on one that had polka dots and it looked like crap so I changed it back (obviously the change kick only kicks me so far). But I forgot that I had spent a long time adjusting the colors and formatting of my first template and of course it all reverted back to the original blogger settings! So I spend another long time trying to get it back to something I like... is it close? I think it looks about the same, or at least close enough to be acceptable. (Oh, and note that I gave into peer pressure yet again and now am a Twitter-er. Follow me!)

Secondly, as I was investigating this whole Twitterpation phenomenon, Freak Dog was sitting in front of the coffee table chewing on a toy. Or I thought it was a toy. When the chewing had continued for a length of time that I considered suspect, I decided to investigate. At which point Freak Dog looks up at me all innocent-like from the book he has been gnoshing (I have a stack of books on the floor that are at some point going to get donated to the library... unless they all become dog food first...). Of course the book Baxter chose for his tasty treat was "Clicker Training for Dog Obedience". Of course.


Whirl said...

I love that crazy freak dog. Oh, I don't know if you knew this or not, but Bauer got sick after going to the dog park. Of course he did. This was by far the worst he's ever been sick though - uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting digested blood. It was really gross. Threw up in my truck twice on 5 minute drive to the vet. Poor guy =(

Tina said...

Proof positive that having your dog ingest training material will not make for a trained dog. LOL. There are classes around... like mine... hint, hint....