Friday, February 6, 2009

favorite photo friday

The other day I looked around my apartment and realized that nearly every framed photo was from my wedding. And I have a lot of frames. Then I realized that A) my wedding was almost 2 years ago, B) other cool things have happened since then, and C) I've been meaning to get prints made of some of those cool things for a while now. So I decided to use the morning to go through my photo albums on facebook and in iPhoto and find some of my favorite pictures to make into prints and then begin the heart-wrenching task of replacing wedding pictures with new ones (change is a really big deal for me, folks... just ask my mother.). Once I was back from Wolff Camera with my little envelope of matte paper, white bordered pictures, though, I actually got excited to change some of them out. And not only wedding pictures either! For example, I have a silver frame that I bought solely to hold a picture of me with my college roomies (it says "who wouldn't want to be us", which is so true) that had had the same picture in it since I bought it. Now, the picture fit the caption perfectly: it was the three of us in New York holding up Wicked programs standing next to a cute and smiling Joey McEntire (of NKOTB fame, who was playing Fiyero that night... have I lost some of you?). So really, who WOULDN'T want to be us? But anyway... the picture had served its time and its purpose, and was replaced with an equally appropriate one of the three of us on our cruise to the Bahamas, looking windblown and tanned and extremely happy to be together (it was while we were on the party boat... yeah... nuff said). It makes me happy to look at, so I even moved the frame to a more prestigious location, on the side of the TV stand. Here, you want to see it too?

Another major replacement was of one of my favorite pictures of my family at the wedding where we are all making excellent "yay" faces. But of course I had to free up a frame for one of the many pictures of Sara Keelin! The one I chose for this was taken at about 2 in the morning as Stephen was wheeling her little newborn self to the nursery. She was wide awake but very quiet, just enjoying staring at her daddy. Here is the masterpiece itself.

Overall, I'm happy with the changes (although I do miss that family "yay" picture...). I feel like in the past two years I've really decided which wedding pictures are my favorites and which ones I really like to see everyday, so it was easier to get rid of some of the others. But the album is still on my coffee table... one day at a time, right?

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Greg said...

Yeah, I really like that YAY face of the family, too, but alas, it's time to move on. I can't believe that it's been long enough to consider wedding pictures "old". Wow.