Monday, February 2, 2009

i do what other facebook people do...

25 things. I can think of 25 things about myself, right? Everyone else on facebook can do it... and most of them are pretty interesting. I'm interesting. I think...

1. I met my husband in the 8th grade but we were NOT high school sweethearts. I had no idea I would marry him until much later. We did date for a short time in high school, but it didn't work out at that point. People always seem confused by this.
2. I am obsessed with my dogs. They are awesome. Libby is ridiculously smart and funny and Baxter is the sweetest, goofiest ball of fluff you'll ever meet. My life and my apartment would feel empty without them.
3. Speaking of my apartment, I live in the tiniest one bedroom in all of Athens, I'm pretty sure. My husband, our two dogs, and I share less than 600 hundred square feet with no dishwasher, no washer, no dryer, and no cable. I have learned to live without all of the "amenities" and was surprised to realize that I don't really miss them. Except the washer and dryer. Good God, do I miss having a washer and dryer.
4. I was planning on auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol this season, but I missed the Idol auditions and the SYTYCD auditions are too far away and in the middle of the week. Maybe next year. Did I mention I love reality television? If I was single, I would totally go on the Bachelor too. Ha.
5. I love my job, but I have a lot of guilt about it. First of all, I feel like people don't think of it as a "real job" and therefore look down on me. It doesn't help that I have the morning off and tend to sleep late and spend a lot of time on the internet. I want people to take me seriously, but can't really blame them for looking at my lifestyle and not seeing me as an adult. However, I would challenge any of them to try their hand teaching 6 years olds ballet.
6. I know for a fact that some very close friends of mine feel like I made a mistake and am wasting my life by not pursuing a performance career. I can see their point, but I feel like everyone has so many directions they can go in their life, all of which will lead to happiness. I could have trucked it to New York and lived like a starving artist and loved it, but I also love my life here in Athens and am excited about my future.
7. I feel guilty about things ALL the time (refer back to number 5). I hate the thought that I have hurt people and tend to dwell on situations that I should have let go of a long time ago. I alway want to fix things and fix people... I think I inherited that from my mother.
8. Speaking of my mother, I am so grateful for the relationship that I have developed with her. We are so much alike, which I view as a blessing rather than a curse. She is absolutely amazing and so much fun and I'm lucky to not only have her a mother, but also as a friend.
9. My dad is my hero. I am convinced that there is nothing he doesn't know about or know how to do. And if there is, he could look it up on his iPhone and get back to you about it. And not only is he smart, but he is kind, funny, and unconditionally supportive. Dad has sent me flowers for every opening night performance that I can remember. And that is a lot of flowers.
10. My family has been going to Harbor Island, SC for pretty much as long as I can remember. There is no place that I feel more comfortable or closer to God.
11. My sisters are two of the most beautiful people I know. I hope they both know how much I admire and adore them.
12. My husband and I are pretty much exact opposites of each other. He's an extrovert, I would rather stay home. He's loud and goofy, I get shy around new people. He doesn't mind a mess, a sink full of dishes makes me twitchy. We do tend to argue, but it works for the two of us and I know there is no one in the world who could love me the way he does. I trust him unconditionally.
13. I have a deeply rooted love for the Gap brand. There are days when literally everything I wear (from pants to underwear to socks to shoes) is from either the Gap or Old Navy.
14. My dog Libby is a flyball prodigy. I have no idea how this happened... she successfully jumped all 4 hurdles in her first class and was running a full lane in 3 classes. I guarantee you that it was nothing I did. I didn't even give her treats- just tennis balls! (Which should show you how obsessed she is with tennis balls.)
15. I have a secret (well... I guess not anymore) desire to have lots of people read my blog. I started keeping it as more of a journal, but the more blogs I read the more I realized that I liked the idea of it being more of a public forum for my thoughts. Although most of my readers are family or close friends, I'm excited to know that some of them subscribed and read all of my entries (of which this will probably become one...). I had the same secret desire when I was young and kept a diary after reading Anne Frank and Zlata's Diary. I didn't take into account that both of them were in war torn countries and died at a young age... (help my dreams come true, folks)
16. I did not have an imaginary friend when I was young. Instead, I had an alter-ego named Jula and she was FABULOUS.
17. I am sad to have lost so many friends in my life, but exceedingly blessed by the ones I have kept. Thanks for sticking with me, be it for 20 years (Christin! can you believe it's been so long?) or just a few. Meghan and Katie, you are two of the best and loyal friends anyone could want and I love you both. Keith, you bring light into my life. Joel and Margaret, you made an amazing experience even more life changing. Erin, you are a constant in my life even when we are so far apart and don't talk as often as I'd like. I always know I can count on you. My Berry dancer girls, you are always a joy and I often wish I was more like all of you.
18. Yes, Joe and I are trying to start a family. No, I didn't intend for everyone to know about it (thanks Dad), but we are excited about it and so really I don't mind who knows. Just don't keep asking me "are you pregnant yet?". I'll let you know.
19. My parents paid for my first car (which I still have) and my college education. I don't think this makes me a spoiled person, just very lucky. My parents worked hard to be able to do these things for me and my sisters and I appreciate it every day. I hope to be able to do the same for my children.
20. Although I weighed about 40 pounds less in high school than I do now, I am much more comfortable in my body than I was then. It was one of the down sides of dancing all the time... feeling fat at less than 100 pounds.
21. I will always identify myself as a dancer. It is not just a skill or a hobby that took up a lot of my life, it is part of the person I am now. That has a lot to do with why I teach ballet now... I feel like there are so many valuable things to learn from practicing any kind of art form that extend far beyond knowing how to do a plie or 16 fouettes. Ballet taught me discipline, work ethic, poise, patience, and much more.
22. While I loved my college years, I feel a deeper connection to my high school (well, my elementary/middle/high school... I was there from 5th grade til graduation!). Maybe it was because I was there for so long, maybe it is because of the family ties that I have there, but I look back at Davidson with so much fondness and appreciation for all that I learned there and for what it gave to me. I know it is a much different place now, but I will always treasure my memories there and the people it put into my life.
23. I love animated movies (namely Disney and Pixar) and movies with the Muppets. Finding Nemo is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time, and my family has a Christmas tradition of watching Muppet Christmas Carol every year. My dad and I can pretty much reenact the entire thing together. And we have.
24. There are many places that I want to travel and I know that my knowledge of the world is limited, but I am pretty sure that London will always be my favorite city because of the time I spent studying abroad there. Not only is it just an awesome place to be in general, but it also brought two of my best and dearest friends into my life.
25. I am impressed to find that there are still more things I could share about myself. There are so many life changing people I have not yet mentioned (Dee, Justin, Nicki, Jaime, Dan, my grandparents...) and places and times I have not talked about. Although this reflects a lot about me, I think it says more about the people in my life and how much joy they bring me. I could go on and on about my amazing family, my husband, and my friends and still not really capture how important they are to me and how thankful I am to share my life with them.

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sarahsarahsarah said...

i remember the first time i saw you dance. i didn't really know that you could. i just thought you were a theater person, not a dancer as well, so when i was forced-- i mean, when i volunteered to work dance concert and saw you, my jaw hit the ground. there was a moment where i wanted to like, run out and break your legs and then steal your talent. then there was the next moment where i couldn't believe how good it was and that it wasn't a hundred rows back, but right in front of me. and then there was the moment where i was like, wow, that's just beautiful and lovely. thankfully the last feeling stuck, and not the leg-breaking one. otherwise we probably wouldn't be friends. but watching you dance was really one of the only things that made me love working it. effortless didn't even describe it... it was just a natural extension of you. so i hope you selfishly pursue it some more. :D

~ sarah manolhole