Tuesday, October 7, 2008

20-something manual

Stolen (and altered slightly to fit my own blog, which is admittedly not nearly as funny or clever as hers... I'm working on it...) from one of my favorite blogs, Adventures in Chaos, written by the editor of my favorite magazine, Real Simple.

Things not in the manual for post-college young-adulthood:
-- how to convince your husband to replace a coffee table that has been chewed on by a rescue dog
-- how to convince your husband to rescue said dog in the first place and then continue convincing him it was a good idea when the dog remains ill and costs money
-- finding new friends without the benefit of classes, clubs, meetings, etc.
-- how to make a 600 sq.ft. apartment feel homey without feeling cramped
-- how to keep that same apartment clean when some people don't know how to use hampers
-- cleaning out dog kennels when a dog has... digestive issues
-- craziness experienced during the onset of baby fever
-- actually using all of the yummy produce you buy at the grocery store before it becomes a science fair experiment in the fridge

Come to think of it... maybe this is the book idea I've been trying to think of. Maybe I should write a manual for twenty-somethings... hm. It's probably been done. I shall research. Amazon.com here I come!

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Whirl said...

Do the rumba.

Only one of your links works. Somehow, YOU'RE DOIN IT WRONG!

<3 Steve-O