Sunday, October 12, 2008

bad and good

Things that are not so good:
1. Our bathroom ceiling is leaking. Again. Granted, the first time it did this we had been out of town for the weekend and it was actually raining in our bathroom when we came home, whereas this time it is more of a steady drip... But still. Oh, and the water is strangely rust-colored. And it got all over my bathroom cleaner bottle. Gross.
2. Baxter has some kind of weird tumor thing on his cheek. I just noticed it Friday and decided to wait to see if it went away over the weekend but it hasn't. So, back to the vet we go. I'm hoping it's allergies or something.
3. I can't remember if we have flyball this week and the director dude isn't answering my emails. Plus it looks like it might rain. Not looking good for flyball.

Things that are good:
1. Meghan came in town this weekend. I didn't realize that I hadn't seen her since the cruise (well, technically we saw each other once in between, but it was brief enough as to not really count). It was nice to have the wonder-threesome together again and be able to catch up and hang out.
2. I think I may have found some apartments that meet both mine and Joe's requirements. The property manager site didn't list prices, but they had lots of apartment, condos, and houses so I emailed them for more info. Some of our friends live in one of the apartment complexes and their rent is pretty cheap for a 2 bedroom. So we'll hope they have something we like available in about 5 months.
3. The weather has been beautiful today. I am all about some fall.

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