Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ceiling. Yes, that is the update to the rusty-colored, nasty smelling, molding, leaking bathroom ceiling. They cut a huge hole in it. The note maintenance left for me said something to the affect (or is it effect? one of those grammar rules I can never get a hang of...) of "we THINK we found and fixed the source of the leak, will be back to patch and repaint ceiling". THINK?? They certainly should have found it since they now have complete access to the inner workings of the bathroom ceiling. Oy. But it has stopped dripping and causing a nasty rusty mess all over my bathroom floor, bathtub, walls, toilet, etc.

Also, to update freak dog's condition: Baxter "tumor" is getting better. I have to put a warm compress on it a few times a day to keep blood flow going to the area so it does not turn into a cyst... or something like that. What a good mommy I am. The itchiness is due to allergies that have led to some form of doggy acne (I know right). So he gets some Benadryl for that. And a bath.

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Whirl said...

Awwww, Baxter acne. So cute.

Oh, and it's "effect".