Monday, October 20, 2008

shower the people you love

I am throwing Katie a baby shower in November and have finally gotten the invitations together. All I have left to do is address the envelopes- which in my opinion is the worst part- and then stuff the invites and instructions. I decided to throw a "Baby Through the Ages" shower (My idea, not a websites. I'm very proud of that.) where people will be assigned a certain stage in the baby's first year and then bring a gift that somehow accompanies the milestones in that stage. To help explain the theme and give people their assigned stages, I am including a little poem inside the invitation that I am exceedingly proud of (maybe a little too proud...). It goes as follows:

Baby Through the Ages
Newborn clothes are cute: tiny shirts and teeny booties,
But welcoming a baby includes many other important “doodies”.
There’s keeping baby entertained, as well as clean and dry
And making sure she sleeps and eats so that she does not cry.
So for this baby shower we are helping our friend Katie
By making sure that she’s prepared for all aspects of Baby.
You’ll be assigned a certain stage from Baby Girl’s first year
And that way we will know the Bridges have all the essential gear.
So think about the milestones that accompany your stage
And to find the things that Katie likes, visit Target’s webpage!

Oh, and speaking of showers, there is still a hole in our ceiling. And it's getting moldy. And they came to fix it and said it's still too wet. DUH.

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