Sunday, October 26, 2008

putting on the winter ritz

I realized a few things today as I attempted to dress myself like a real human being for not only one but TWO "dress nice or be socially inappropriate" events.

First, I do not often dress like a real human being. My life lately consists mostly of going to three place: the dog park, the gym, and the studio. All of these places have a uniform of sorts: dog park attire is jeans that are already dirty and a t-shirt or hoodie; gym is yoga pants or bike shorts and some kind of athletic top or t-shirt; and the studio is dance clothes or something similar to the gym. None of these places require me to look "nice" or wear anything vaguely resembling slacks or dresses. So my options have grown somewhat limited when it comes to clothing that is appropriate outside of these venues, and perhaps Target.

Second, and more applicable to the general public, is that it is so much more difficult for women to dress nicely than men once the weather gets cooler. Now, I will admit that it is unfortunate for men that they have to wear clothing that is hot during the summer. But they consistently have go-to wardrobe items that can work for any event at any time of the year. And there is always the polo shirt for the warmer months when extreme dressed-up-ness isn't required. But when I look in my closet trying to get ready for church in the morning on a chilly October Sunday, I sift past all of the sweaters and jeans, veto all of the summer-y dresses (even with my ugly old black cardigan they just don't cut it), sadly bypass my nice wool dress pants from a million years ago that I am in the process of trying to fit back into, and I am left with about 2 options. If that. What is a woman to do? It seems that my options are either to freeze to death or look frumpy. Maybe I should just stick to the dog park.

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