Monday, October 6, 2008

dibs and bax attack

My mother and I were discussing the difficulties of transporting lots of people and stuff in a small automobile. I believe what brought this on was that I was telling her how a friend of mine was wanting to get 3 play-yards before the birth of her daughter so that there could be one at both sets of grandparents' houses as well as at their own house. The reasoning is that the fewer bulky large important items to stuff in the car the better. My concern is that I have a small car and two dogs. What happens, I asked my oh-so-wise mother, when I have to squeeze a baby in there too? And all the baby's crap for that matter? My mother explained to me that I will not be as concerned about the dogs once I'm pregnant, and especially once the baby arrives. In fact, I might not take them with me at all when I travel.


Now let me explain that usually to me my mother's word is law. The two of us are ridiculously alike (just ask my poor terrified husband). We agree on pretty much everything. BUT. I simply can not believe that I would suddenly be willing to just forsake my precious pooches. Not that I am saying that my child will not become my first priority. I know that the dogs will sometimes have to take the back seat, pun completely intended. But I can not imagine, at least as I sit here on the couch listening to my two little loves growling and squeaking at each other over possession of a bone, that I would not want them to go everywhere with us as they always do. They are as much a part of my family as... well... as I am! And I want them to be a part of my children's lives as well. Am I over-reacting? Am I wrong?

PS- Did I mention that Libby is a flyball prodigy/champion? I'll have to dedicate an entire entry to that, I think...

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Whirl said...

You need to take pics and/or video of Libby flyballing. And then post them here, yay!